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The CIRANO Experimental Economics Laboratory was implemented in the year 2000 and was initially funded by Bell Canada through its R&D support program called the Bell University Laboratories. CIRANO thus provides a high tech infrastructure, and funding (as needed) available to researchers from Montreal and beyond in order to increase the scope of the various experiments that they conduct.

A great number of the experiments we ran in the laboratory in the past were part of a CIRANO affiliated research project. CIRANO's experimental economics group also organizes workshops and conferences pertaining to this research area - for more details, visit their website.

Located downtown Montreal, the CIRANO Laboratory is a high tech computer laboratory available for all your experimental activities. It features 20 networked high quality workstations with high speed Internet access. If needed, each workstation can be isolated in order to simulate independent working environments.

Our Laboratory

The CIRANO Laboratory is used to develop and test experimental economics experiments.

Technical Readout - The CIRANO Laboratory features the following equipment:

- 20 networked workstations (Dell Precision 490, two Dual Core Xeon 5110 1,60GHz ptocessors, 2GB memory)
- Possibility to add 10 additional workstations (Inspiron 6400, Intel Core Duo T2050 1,60GHz processors, 512MB memory)
- XP Professionnal SP2 Operating System
- Softwares: Z-Tree, Regate, Internet Explorer 7, Open Office, WinZip, Acrobat Writer
- Video projector
- Video camera
- Multiple configuration tables
- Wireless keyboard and mouse, stand, audio system and whiteboard available to speaker

Ethics Approval

All research projects taking place in the Laboratory must first be approved by the Institutional Review Board Committee of the researcher's University. Furthermore, all experimenters and research assistants present in the laboratory during experiments must have succesfully obtained the Canadian Human Subjects Protection Certification (see the Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans).

Register for the "Introductory Tutorial for the Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans" and obtain your completion report here.

Statistics / Using the CIRANO Laboratory

Affiliated Researchers

CIRANO affiliated researchers use the Laboratory for their experiments:

Jim Engle-Warnick

Vice-President, Experimental Economics, CIRANO
Professeur, Department of Economics, McGill University
Research Interests

- Risk and Ambiguity
- Game Theory
- Repeated Games Strategies
- Central bank decision making
André Blais

Fellow, CIRANO
Full Professor, Département de sciences politiques, Université de Montréal
Research Interests

- Electoral behaviour
- Electoral systems
- Decision whether or not to vote
Michel Cossette

Researcher, CIRANO
Assistant Professor, Service de l'enseignement de la gestion des ressources humaines, HEC Montréal
Research Interests

- Emotional regulation strategies
- Motivation at work
- Human resources
Maurice Doyon

Fellow, CIRANO
Professor, Département d'économie agroalimentaire et sciences de la consommation, Université Laval
Centre de recherche en économie agroalimentaire (CRÉA)
Research Interests

- Analysis of agricultural policies
- Agri-marketing
- Organizations and strategic competition
Cathleen Johnson

Lecturer, Eller College of Management, University of Arizona
Research Interests

- Networks
- Public Policy
Claudia Keser

Associate Fellow, CIRANO
Professor, Georg-August- Universität Göttingen, Germany
Research Interests

- Voluntary contribution to public goods
- Monetary incentives in the workplace
- Trust

Sonia Laszlo

Researcher, CIRANO
Associate Professor, Department of Economics, Université McGill
Research Interests

- Economic development
- Labor economics
- Health economics
Louis Levy-Garboua

Associate Fellow, CIRANO
Full Professeur, Université Paris1 – Panthéon Sorbonne
Research Interests

- Applied microeconomics
- Behavioural economics
- Human capital and education

David Masclet

Researcher, CIRANO
Économist-Researcher at CNRS, Faculté des sciences économiques, Université de Rennes 1

Research Interests

- Tax system
- Public goods
- Employment microeconomics

Claude Montmarquette

President and Chief Executive Officer and Vice-President Public Policies, CIRANO

Research Interests

- Public goods
- Compensation and cooperation
- Accountability
- Taxes
- Training
- Risk
Pierre-Olivier Pineau

Fellow, CIRANO
Professor, Service de l'enseignement des méthodes quantitatives de gestion, HEC Montréal
Research Interests

- Energy policies
- Game theory
Stuart N. Soroka

Fellow, CIRANO
Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, McGill University

Research Interests

- Public opinion and politics
- Mass media and political communication
- Immigration and diversity

Paul J. Thomassin

Fellow, CIRANO
Associate Professor, Department of Agricultural Economics, McGill University

Research Interests

- Carbon markets
- Environmental economics

Huan Xie

Researcher, CIRANO
Associate Professor, Department of Economics, Concordia University
Research Interests

- Cooperation and trust
- Bargaining
- Charitable donations

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